There are a limited amount of rooms booked for the conference guests at hotel London (74€/night single and 89€/night for double room). The hotel is in the old town area and just a few steps from the venue. The rooms are booked until April 14th!


There are several other options as well:

Tampere Maja - a very cozy option in the old town area, but as the English webpage is rather dysfunctional, we would recomment to book through

Hotel Antonius - a 5-star hotel next to the university main building.

Barclay Hotel - another hotel just a few hundred meters from the venue.

Dorpat Hotel - rather near the center and next to the river.

Looming Hostel - an eco-friendly hostel. About 10-15 minutes walk to the venue.

Pepleri Hostel - a reasonably priced hostel 10 minutes from the venue.


If you need more options, check






University of Tartu, Institute of Estonian and general Linguistics

Institute of the Estonian Language

Tallinn University

Graduate School of Linguistics, Philosophy and Semiotics