Mapping Methods: Approaches to Language Studies (MaMe-2014)


The University of Tartu, the Institute of the Estonian Language, and Tallinn University are pleased to host a conference on methods in linguistic research ‒ Mapping Methods: Approaches to Language Studies (MaMe2014) ‒ on May 8-10, 2014 in Tartu, Estonia.

The multitude of linguistic methods in use today raises the concern and need for interdisciplinary communication and collaboration, instead of the traditional relative isolation and autonomy of methodology. It is the aim of this conference to provide a platform for dialogue, where the disciplinary relations between multiple approaches could be evaluated and the possibilities for transfer or integration of methods assessed and discussed. 

We invite researchers to present the results of their studies while putting a greater emphasis than usual on the methodological aspects, elaborating on the interrelations between the method and the object of study, guiding assumptions in the theoretical frameworks, and the possibilities for mixing methods and interdisciplinary collaboration.



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University of Tartu, Institute of Estonian and general Linguistics

Institute of the Estonian Language

Tallinn University

Graduate School of Linguistics, Philosophy and Semiotics